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Recipe Re-do’s: Tuna Lemon Couscous Salad

I have this thing I love to do as many of you know…once the month’s new issue of a certain well know hiking magazine comes I read the recipes of the month. I look at them, then I get going seeing how I can change them to be more hiker friendly. It isn’t that the recipes are not good – no, many of them are good ideas. But….they could be lighter, or easier to prepare or even more shelf stable. And most of all….I love redoing them!

So I present my re-do of Tuna Lemon Couscous, a cold salad that needs only cool water and a few minutes of sit time. This filling salad can also be used as a filling for sammies and tortilla wrap ups.

The meal packed and ready to go:


Ready to eat:


The changes I made were these: True Lemon powder versus dried lemon zest – lemon zest can be bitter. Onion powder over dried onion – no rehydration time needed, no crunchies in the teeth. Less water – couscous only needs a 1:1 ratio for cold meals if adding oil or dressing. I also have you adding the dressing with the water, allowing the dressing to get inside the couscous for even more flavor.

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