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Recipe Re-do: Cranberry Almond Tabouli

This recipe re-do is of a breakfast made of items found in a grocery store. The changes I made were more water – the water would be based on the brand of tabouli (or Tabbouleh) mix you buy along with an extra 1/4 cup for the cranberries. I also left out the salt called for in the original – this meal is already salty enough from the commercial mix it doesn’t need any more! For those who have not tried out tabouli before it is made of bulgur, a quick cooking form of wheat and is seasoned with lemon, mint and parsley and usually plenty of garlic and onions. It can look intimidating but is worth a try.

This meal serves 2 massive portions. If having it for breakfast it really could serve 3. It would also make a nice lunch and could be done no-cook if you add the water an hour or so before to soak.

For long hiking by all means drizzle in a Tablespoon or packet of extra virgin olive oil for a bit more fat – though this recipe does have a good hit of nutrients from the almonds.

For two servings total the stats for each person is:

445 Calories / 9 grams Fat / 13 grams Protein / 15 grams Fiber / 1,100 mg Sodium. (Sadly, due to the boxed mix is why the sodium is so high. You can see why we left the extra salt out!)

The recipe dry weighs in at 8.6 ounces.

Cranberry Almond Tabouli.

Ingredients used: Fantastic Foods Tabouli mix, dried cranberries and unsalted almonds. You can also find other brands such as Casbah in many grocery stores. Often hidden in the “ethnic” aisle or with couscous.


Packed and ready to go, I diced the nuts up in my mini food chopper, making them easier to eat as they blend into the meal:


Easy to cook, it is ready in 10 minutes sit time with just boiling water:


The recipe is archived on TrailCooking.

For the cranberries I used Sun Maid brand. They are big, soft and very tasty!