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Recipe Re-Do: Southwest Chicken Corn Wraps

The original recipe that we re-did was not shelf stable due to carrying drained corn from a can. This also took an already heavy meal and made it even heavier. It also used a lot of bags to carry the components. By changing a few things slightly the whole meal is shelf stable and easier to pack – with 3 less bags.

Southwest Chicken Corn Wraps

Packed and ready to go:


And easy meal to make, just needing a few minutes for the corn to rehydrate.


The only downside is the weight of the food – coming in at 1.3 lbs. One could lower the weight by carrying freeze-dried chicken instead, using one package of it. It could be packed with the corn and hydrated at the same time. This would shave off about half a lb of weight. This also would help with extended trips where weight is a real issue.

For the bacon bits we used Frontier Co-op’s Bac’Uns. Feel free to use whatever brand you like. The ranch dressing tubs were Hidden Valley Ranch, found in grocery stores inĀ  the dressing aisle.

The recipe is archived on TrailCooking.