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A lot of trail meals!

As I mentioned yesterday, we are helping Mike out with his food for his upcoming trip. I am nearly done with my half of the meals – a good 15 dinners, 11 breakfasts, around that many lunches and a bag of EVOO packets, along with 13 Pro Bars and many other items.


The meals all have freeze-dried meat, freeze-dried vegetables with a heavy focus on protein and fat to keep him fueled. Was fun to whip up everything – though my hiking cupboards are starting to look bear – no problems though…I placed a resupply order from PackitGourmet today!


2 thoughts on “A lot of trail meals!

  1. Sarah,
    It would be helpful to a lot of us if you would post the menus, please.
    Your blog is on my daily reading list; so informative!

  2. Marsha,
    I will….most of the meals I made for Mike’s trip and for Tom and Tori’s thru-hike have been new ideas – so no recipes up yet on the website. But I am working on getting them on the site this week 🙂 Once I get the recipes up, I will post the menu for Mike.

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