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Java Juice Packets

I have been using Java Juice packets for a couple years on some of my trips. They are easy to use and frankly, give you a bigger cup of coffee than most instant packets do. They are not the easiest to find, though REI carries them but they are often hidden waaaayyy down on the bottom shelf under all the energy bars. And REI only carries the original version.

So imagine my de-lite this afternoon at the local post office when a box jammed full of Java Juice packets showed up as a gift. Well hello happy hiking! A caffeinated Sarah is a better hikin’ Sarah I can tell you. Lets just say we don’t need a repeat of last Saturday when Sarah didn’t pester Kirk to stop for a latte on the way to yonder white mountains. I yawned for half the hike and was not busting out the miles like normal :p I fully acknowledge I have an addiction to coffee. Heh!

In the package I found packs of Original, French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors.


You can mix a packet of Java Juice concentrate up with either 10 to 12-ounces of hot (not boiling) or cold water. Add in sweetener if you like it and some cream or milk and good to go.

Being all fancy and at home I made myself a French Vanilla Iced Coffee in my handy coffee tumbler (Yes, I bought the double walled cup as a gag and plan to take it backpacking this year so I can drink my coffee in it. 50 miles from the nearest latte hut. It is actually light and well made with a permanent straw. Heck, it is cooler than my Nalgene…)


So after loading up my food bag which has a bag in it just dedicated to making trail coffee I will be trying out some ideas this week at home. Tomorrow I think we will need to make a breakfast smoothie – OK, totally not hiking food but hey, if it works you could have a high protein/caffeine boost to drink as you peel rubber to the trailhead.

To caffeinated hiking!


4 thoughts on “Java Juice Packets

  1. If only I could get Java Juice here. That said I can still buy SB Via but only on Chiswick High St thus far, and luckily I’m up there once every two weeks.

    Yes indeed! Here’s to caffeine on the trail 🙂

  2. Sarah,
    if you think you have problems getting it in the US where it is manufactured and sold, imagine how hard it is for us in the UK where it is not sold!
    We have to as usual be resourceful and find friendly companies in the US who will ship at reasonable price to the UK ( ages ago had a good deal on so I stocked up then).

    I have to admit I like them all, but I do prefer the Swiss Decaf as I think the name is cooler than the rest ^_^

  3. I’m feelin you on the subject of coffee. Even during deployments to the desert I had to have my coffee and it’s the same for backpacking. For a lunch time kick in the seat I found Krogers “In an instant morning boost” powder. Haven’t tried them yet but I’m sure I’ve had worse.

  4. you can get this on amazon or direct from the distributor
    866 244 3633
    and the outdoor online places like Perigrinne and Campmor
    have it!

    cook with this stuff, its an amazing ingredient.

    the goddess

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