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Recipe Re-Do: Pesto Salmon Pasta

More recipes! This is another “recipe re-do”  of a good idea made a bit easier.

Pesto Salmon Pasta

I swapped in dry pesto mix instead of a tube of pesto, made it a bit saucier and added cheese at the end. As well, I decided to go for diced pecans instead of pine nuts. Why? Well…lets just say after reading up a lot about “Pine Nut Metal Mouth” I have decided that for now I will go without. And honestly? Pecans make it taste even better. Hello, all my pesto dishes are going to have pecans from now on! 😉

1 6-ounce packet of wild pink salmon, 8-ounces of small quick cooking pasta, dry pesto mix, cheese packets, oil packet and diced pecans:


A large 2 serving meal that will fill you up:


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