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Sunny Saturday at Sunrise

A dorky trip report title but it says it so well: It was warm, sunny and blue skied on the second day of Sunrise being open for the season at Mt. Rainier NP. Not hard hiking, more rambling to check out snow levels. Overall it was melting out ahead of last year by 1 to 2 weeks. Still snow in areas at 5500 feet to 6400 feet and above – depending if sheltered/North facing or if in typical snow areas. Still the depth of the snow was much lower than the last couple years. Just a lot of mud though!

Rainier from the Emmons Glacier angle.


A nearly melted out Shadow Lake:


Looking back at Rainier, with The Wonderland Trail covered in snow in areas.


More Rainier.


Me with Rainier behind me.


After wandering around for quite some time 😀 we headed down the hill. On the way down we stopped at Sunrise Point, the last switchback on the Sunrise Road so I could check more snow levels.

Looking at Sourdough Ridge and Dege Peak. Soon!


Looking down at Sunrise Lake, still lots of snow in the meadows. 1-2 weeks and it will be nice.