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Hiker Trash Meals: Resupply Mac n’ Cheese

This isn’t a “gourmet” meal but it will fill you up – and more so is easy to find the base of it in nearly all grocery stores in the US. You will suffer extra weight but you don’t have to worry about carrying dry milk or oil. Most of all, hiker trash food is fun/easy to make – and always tastes grubbin’ to eat!

Ford and I had this for lunch after hiking. Sitting in an alpine area – a foot away from piles of blinding white snow.

Lazy Hiker Mac n’ Cheese

Used in the recipe was a 14-ounce box of Kraft Mac and Cheese Deluxe, mixed dried vegetables and a 3-ounce pouch of chicken (a 3 or 5-ounce can can be used as well).

Simply to see if I could, I used my MSR Quick 1 Pot to cook up the meal. It was a wee bit crowded but worked. I would suggest though a 2L pot to do this.

In the photo: pasta, bag of dried veggies rehydrating, cheese sauce packet, chicken, stove and pot with water:


On the stove, bringing the water and rehydrated veggies to a boil:


A low boil after the pasta has been added:


A 1.3 Liter pot jammed full of food:


Check out the archived recipe on TrailCooking.


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  1. Hi there, this looks SO good and easy! I have a question though, where do you find the dried veggies?? Are they at wal mart, etc?

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