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Food Find: Starbucks Jelly Beans


Starbucks newest marketing angle is “Real Food. Simply Delicious.” I can say hello to that – no artificial colors, flavors, trans fats or HFCS added anymore to their products. For me, having no chemical colors is a door opening after nearly 3 years of going dye-free due to my migraines. It is a simple joy in life to be able to have whatever I desire without worrying when grabbing a bite to eat or drink!

So you can see how excited I was to see new single serving packs of jelly beans at the cash register when getting a latte yesterday morning – photo shot on the hood of my truck:


It is the rare occasion I can enjoy candy these days. When I can get all natural versions they are often stale, something that doesn’t fly with braces on 😉 The little 1.9-ounce bags, retailing for $1 each, are super fresh and most of all extra soft.

So how does the taste compare to the typical flavored bean? If you like shoveling bags of Jelly Belly® in your maw, the Starbucks ones may not be sweet or intense enough in taste. The pale natural coloring may also not seem as jazzy compared to vivid chemical dyes. If though you like a flavor that is subtle and blooms as you let the candy sit on your tongue you will love them. Or if you haven’t eaten a jelly bean in 3 years you will LOVE them 😉

I will be stocking up for my food bag in my pack. As well, they passed Ford’s taste testing. He eats natural colored candy typically so he was down with it. Kirk on the other hand would prefer Jelly Belly for the taste. Oh well!


One thought on “Food Find: Starbucks Jelly Beans

  1. I saw these when I bought a caramel frappuccino and decided to get a pack. When I sat down to continue writing my work and got one out the bag into my mouth, I flew into heaven. The natural flavors and the softness of each individual jelly bean were just great. I couldn’t eat just one at a time, I had to put more than five in my mouth. They were so good. I just wish they sold them in larger packs. Jelly Beans help me concentrate while I write.

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