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Morning On Dege Peak

Due to a bridge being out of commission on a nasty glacier fed creek, my weekend backpacking plans got trashed, but eh, I knew I would something to do!

Late last night my friend Catzia asked if I wanted to get out early this morning before the crazy heat wave hit. It doesn’t get super hot often here in Western Washington so once it cracks 80° I wilt. It was predicted to hit at least 87° today or higher – add in being up high in elevation and afternoon hiking is a big fat NO. We decided on an easy hike at Rainier – one for the views and not for the miles. How handy I picked Dege Peak, a high spot of The Sourdough Ridge at Sunrise. You have views the entire way – one of those ridge walks with green meadows full of flowers and a massive amount of white coated mountains surrounding you.

Looking up the ridge to Dege, it is the high point.


Looking across the ridges at Mt. Adams, the Goat Rocks become visible not long after as well.




More Rainier:


Looking down the back side of the ridge, Clover Lake is visible along with a few tiny lakes. Clover is reached by the Palisades Trail, a great one for mid July. In the distance you could see Glacier Peak, Mt. Baker and all the peaks of the North Cascades.


Just a little more to the summit….


Rainier from here is so huge. Dege sits at just a few feet above 7,000, Sunrise is at 6,400 feet. Sunrise’s Lodge is visible in the middle of the right side, with Burroughs 1 looming above it:


Looking at Grand Park, in the distance. Walking farther out one can see Forest Lake and Huckleberry Basin (Forest Lake is on the Huckleberry Creek Trail, one of the loneliest trails in the park! There is a tiny campsite at Forest Lake – just you and the bears….)


Rainier behind me, wearing my awesome T-shirt that the folks at Justin’s Nut Butters sent me. (Tacky and so funny..it reads “Knead & Squeeze”)


It was a geat morning hike with Cat, been too long since she and I got out/caught up. And home in time for lunch and a box fan running on high.

So what will tomorrow bring? As long as it is summer, more hiking I hope!