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Playing with Esbit

It had been to long since I toyed with Esbit, I spent a couple hours yesterday running tests. Partly as I am seeing how light my pack can be this coming weekend, one are I am working on going minimalist is my kitchen.

HPS Esbit Stove:


HPS stove with a square of Esbit fuel:


Using our Primus tea kettle on top. Truthfully this stove works better with a narrower pot, but still, it does fine with a wider pot – just keep it to 2 cups water.


With windscreen around:


I had issues with the first windscreen I found after rummaging through my bins, it was one for an alchy stove. After getting frustrated I went into the shop and liberated a new Trail Designs 4″Vari-Vent windscreen from the packing area. That windscreen worked perfectly in later testings.

We will see how everything works this weekend. I only need to heat water for two of my meals – so a good testing trip.


6 thoughts on “Playing with Esbit

  1. Advantages of Hex Tablets: low cost, light easily with a single match You can use part of a tablet easily Doesn’t leave a mess in the cooker. Our stove can also use this fuel.

  2. Does anyone know where I can get one of those HPS Esbit Stoves?

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