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An Even Lighter UL FBC Cozy?

I was talking with Jared, who writes a blog on UL hiking, today about the FBC UL Cozy. He wanted one smaller/lighter than the original version currently being sold on TrailCooking.

I had time tonight to work on a prototype and happily it turned out nearly perfect first try. Jared will be testing the prototype out for us this weekend.

The Mini FBC UL Cozy can be introduced:




Stats are:

Weight: .6 of an ounce

Height/width: 6 1/4″ x 8″

The newest cozy fits a pint freezer bag, though a smaller meal in a quart will work. A solo cozy for one. It trims off a shy 2″ inches of height from the version selling currently.

So let me know…would anyone like to see this one offered as well while we have our supply of the silver silnylon?


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