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Meal Review: Carnivore Roaring Campfire Pizza

Back in January we tested out PackitGourmet’s Roaring Campfire Pizza in Veggie. It was quite tasty, so we picked up a package of the Carnivore version to see how we would like it.

Depending on appetite it will serve 1 to 2. I’d say if you are a man who loves food, treat this as a solo meal. Ford would have eaten the whole pie himself, myself, half would be fine. It is a protein powerhouse, 19 grams for half the meal. It is a bit higher in sodium, due to the sausage. Packed weight is 11 ounces.


Find in the package the crust mix, cheese/veggie/meat packet, sauce mix, oil, cornmeal and flour packets, Parmesan and red pepper packets.


The only thing I changed was to prepare the dough in the smaller bag it came in. It worked better for me than to use the outer bag as a “mixing vessel”. It was easier to knead the dough (more flexible) and easier to get the dough out of later. The sauce is simple: add water, seal and shake. Dissolves very fast. Sprinkle in a little water over the toppings. Set aside for 10 minutes.


As for the baking? A non stick fry pan is needed, for many stoves a heat diffuser will be needed, though I have done it without one – but you have to keep a close eye out for burning. You will also need a lid, though a wide cooking pot can be used also.

Heat up half the oil over a low flame, sprinkle in 1/2 the corn meal. Quickly press out the dough into the pan (it helps to do this off the stove or have someone helping you hold the pan), then sprinkle the flour on top. Using clean hands stretch the dough with your finger tips. Cover and cook for 10 minutes, keeping an ear out and your sniffer for over browning.

Open up pan, drizzle on the rest of the oil and cornmeal. Flip the dough over. Spread the sauce on, top with the toppings. Cover and bake for 5 minutes. Take off the stove and let sit covered for another 5 minutes.



Cut into wedges:


It was a fun pizza to make with Ford, even if it was at home and not on the trail 😉 The pizza is quite tasty and the dough turned out well. An impressive meal to serve a loved one on the trail….