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Photos From TrailsFest 2009

We were promised lower temperatures by the weather forecasters for yesterday, though that didn’t happen. Oh well, sunny and hot is still better than cold and rainy! Catzia ran our booth for once again, leaving me free to talk to attendees, etc. Lots of great people came by and if I didn’t get a chance to say hi, sorry about that!

One of our loyal readers mentioned how much her family loved trying out the recent recipe for Southwest Chicken Wraps. For those asking about it, here is the link for the Pesto Salmon Pasta I mentioned in the talk.

Cat took some shots of the booth:

Cozies and handouts, with me in the background….


White Box Stoves, books and long handled spoons:


White Box Stoves, GSI tea kettles and more:


More cooking gear along with our full color info sheets for perusing info on the gear:


The Bargain Bin table. We had some great deals and came home with a lot less of it. Still some to be had on our website though!


Woks and cooking sets, utensils and more.. see above for the link!


The heat was pretty overwhelming, so on a wing I changed the presentation – I cut it short so everyone wouldn’t be sweltering, as all the seats under the REI sponsored presentation tent were taken and many were sitting on the lawn around it. Had some great Q&A with the audience and more after we ended. Thank you to the ladies who helped me pack up!

Teresa and Jared both dropped by for it, Teresa grabbed some photos as well (thank you!)



On a side note, I met the very nice author of Angels In The Wilderness, Amy Racina. Fantastic book! Do check her website out, her story is both cautionary and inspiring.

As well, the folks at Evergreen Escapes had a new drool worthy bio fueled Mercedes van there. Ooh-la-la!

OR was there with lots of bargains to be had. Picked up a new pair of gaiters for my trail runners at a nice 25% off. They are the Flex-Tech’s with the new instep strap. And no snaps. That will make them much nicer when wearing my low cuts!

Thank you to everyone, it was a nice day!