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Meal Review: Refried Beans with Cheese

On yesterdays hike at Rainier, Ford and I stopped for a small lunch below Burroughs Mountain. I looked into my food bag and found a couple packages I hadn’t tried yet. Sampled were Packit Gourmet’s Refried Beans with Cheese and a packet of Japanese instant rice I had found awhile back at a large Asian grocery store.


The rice was a hoot. It came in a foil bag with a small spork. It was a sticky rice more than traditional instant rice. It was also way better tatsing than normal instant rice!


The meal came packed with the bean mix, 2 packets hot sauce and the outer bag that was FBC usable. I saw on PIG’s website the cheese comes packed separately now so one can have it vegan friendly. That is a nice touch. (It is also rated as ‘gluten free’.)

The beans we tried are the pinto version, black beans are also offered. Mild on the tastebuds, the amount of spice was just right for me. I liked the addition of bell peppers and onions. Could I make this up at home for the trail? Sure, but I would be the one to say this: It is a great addition to a pack as a back up meal. It is easy to prepare, tasty, filling, has protein and more so…is very shelf stable.


All one needs to do is add in boiling (or even warm water), stir well, seal and let sit for 10 or so minutes. The package comes with one pot and also cold prep directions.

My current cozy, a smaller version of the UL FBC Cozy:


Cooking gear, cozy and a backpack full of fun 😉


I split the rice between us, topped it with the beans and chowed down. Ford would have easily eaten all the rice and 3/4 of the beans had I let him……

Also would be nice as a ‘bean dip’ with tortilla chips and salsa….or spread on tortillas for burritos.


3 thoughts on “Meal Review: Refried Beans with Cheese

  1. Looks like a great combo.. out of curiosity:

    What was the brand of instant rice?
    Where did you get it? (Uwajimaya? Ranch Market 99?)


  2. John, Yes I found it at the Seattle Uwajimaya. It was on the shelves with the rice. I don’t know the name as it wasn’t in English 🙁

  3. Re: the brand of rice,
    It would be easier to read with a bigger scan, but it looks like the brand name is “Alpha”, with an
    “A” logo next to it.

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