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New Food Finds

Out running errands yesterday I had a chance to dart into Whole Foods and see what was new on the shelves.

One thing I hadn’t seen before was Porcini Mushroom Powder:


Find it in the area where olives and bulk bars of chocolate, as well as bulk dried mushrooms are sold. This will be a fun powder for rice dishes!

Qbel candy bars:


Ford and I picked out the Milk Chocolate wafer Rolls to try. Think fresh, snappy and creamy chocolate. These are fabulous. They will make great cool weather pack treats! Just treat them carefully, while packaged in a recyclable tray they could crush easily. Top pocket of the pack….

In the freeze-dried fruit section was a new line of fruits and veggies in 3/4 of an ounce single serving pouches.


Sensible Foods in Orchard Blend (Apples, Peaches and Apricots). The company is gluten free as well as a peanut free facility.

Nice to see new options!

Also found 3-ounce packages of Toss-Ta sun-dried tomatoes from Timber Crest Farms.  A blend of tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, garlic, spinach, shallots, jalapeno, celery, bell peppers and spices. This is something I have an idea for tomorrow, for a new one pot meal I hope to try out.


Last weekend at another store I was able to restock up on the 3/4 ounce single serving bags of Just Veggies. I love having a bag or two in my pack as a nibble or to add to meals.



2 thoughts on “New Food Finds

  1. Porcini powder, that’s genius! I’m thinking there’s some hearty, earthy trail stew waiting to be served up this winter!

  2. The only downside was the cost – $39.99 a lb. Eek! But…’d only need a Tablespoon or two per meal to make it taste deep. So I splurged on the tub (which was $6. Many meals!

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