Playing With A Mutha Hubba

I was given the chance to play with a MSR Mutha Hubba 3 person tent. I have been in the solo and the 2 person versions before so I figured it would be fun to try it out.

It is a well sewn tent, nearly bombproof. Well, at a bit over 7 lbs it had better be… isn’t the lightest tent out there but neither is it the heaviest. It would work nicely in wind and rain – and being mostly mesh if the fly doors are pulled back you would have nice breezes coming through.

My goal in setting up tents is to not read directions before set up – basically lay it out and ask yourself “what is the most obvious route for assembly?” After a few minutes Ford and I had it set up. Ford inside putting up the gear attic.


With the rain fly on and staked out. You can adjust the fly’s ventilation from inside, there are zippers on each side of the mesh to reach through. A neat feature, but it does add weight.


Is it just me or does this tent look like a piggy?


Tent set up, looking inside.


But alas, there was an issue in the end. This well made tent for 3 is made for 3 average, shorter adults. I placed in one of Kirk’s sleeping pads. Kirk is well over 6 feet tall and sleeps on 25″ by 77″ pads, where the average pad is 20″ by 72″.

A 77″ pad touches end to end – something you do NOT want to have happen. Condensation and touching pads/bags leads to wet bags in the morning.

So is it a 3 person tent? Maybe. If you don’t mind tight quarters and are under 6 feet, yes. For two adults under 6 feet this tent would be a palace with plenty of room for gear inside. It would work well for 2 adults and a dog, or a small sized child.

Would the three of us fit in it? Yes, but it would not be comfortable. Ford is taller than me now, so with any tent Kirk is in the middle and us on the sides. I now get shunted into the corner being the smallest.

So while I can see many good points I am glad I tried it out at home tonight rather than in the wilds this coming weekend. Methinks our heavy REI Halfdome 4 man will be coming – that one has room for us and for gear as well.


  1. I am over 6′ as well & it’s always an issue. I own the Hubba2 and love it as a solo tent. Ultralight backpacking design seems to definitely favor the smaller user.