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Recipe Re-Do: Cranberry Pan Biscuits

It is that time of month when I see recipes that just call to be re-done in a certain magazine that shall remain unnamed.

Cranberry Pan Biscuits

This one was easy enough but not exactly hiker friendly due to calling for liquid milk. Not many hikers I hike with pack in fresh dairy milk! (see page 32 for the orginal recipe). I added in dry milk for extra calories and to taste richer, as well I added in a bit of sugar to give it a more scone dessert flavor.

Finally, it is more shelf stable to pan fry in vegetable oil. Don’t get me wrong, butter tastes great but isn’t the best choice for summer trips.

Dry ingredients plus choices for the oil and honey:


I made mine into one large biscuit, baking on the first side:


Cut into quarters and letting the honey soak in:


Fine the recipe on Trailcooking:Cranberry Pan Biscuits.


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