New Recipes Added

New Recipes Added

Two more recipes were recently added to Trailcooking!

Pizza Pan Biscuits

I used the fry pan lid of the GSI Backpackers Set and a GSI Mini Spatula.


Getting the batches ready (Stove used is a MSR WindPro remote canister – it cooks very evenly):


First side cooking:


Flipped over for the second side:


Browned, melty and cheesy!


Pecan Cranberry Ranch Chicken Salad


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  1. Kathleen B says:

    I made the pecan cranberry chicken salad for lunch today at work (in addition to trying a recipe from Dicentra – what can I say? I had a crummy breakfast!). I used freeze dried chicken and a blue cheese dressing packet because I didn’t have ranch. Very good! Plus easy.

  2. I like your additions! :D That might also be good with the blue cheese powder from PackIt? Might have to try that!

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