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Sneek Peak at 2010 GSI Pots!

When I saw these two new items I wanted them immediately, but sigh, that won’t happen till early 2010. A girl could dream, no? These are the 2 new items slated for a Feb. release from GSI Outdoors that will be joining the nForm Ultrailght lineup.

The first is the Halulite Minimalist:


It is a .6L pot with reversible sippy lid, new concept gripper, a folding foon and a cozy for the pot. The whole kit is supposed to be 5 ounces. For under $23! For solo hikers this could be a real find.

The second one is a new version of one of my all time favorite pieces of gear, the Halulite kettle. The 2010 version, the Halulite Ketalist, will have the kettle, folding Foon, mug/bowl/sip it lid combo and a sack for carrying. Less than $30 for a full 1 Liter cooking kit that weighs in at around 11 ounces.

They are also going to be producing a new version of the Dualist, the Halulite Microdualist, which will be a 1.4 Liter pot for two. The current Soloist is 1.1 Liter, the Dualist is 1.8 Liter. (They will be continuing those two as well.) It appears the Microdualist is NOT lined with nonstick either, so this may be a boon to some.

Once these come live we will be adding them to the TrailCooking store (and to my pack!)


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