Trail Cooking

Check Us Out In Wa Trail’s Magazine

In the new issue of Washington Trails, the magazine of Washington Trails Association (WTA) we are featured on page 30, in the article “Huckleberry Bites”.


I developed two recipes for the Huckleberry picking season (which yummo, is in full swing right now in the high mountains!) – Double Ginger Huckleberry Cobbler and Curried Salmon Pilaf. The page is in full color, along with a photo of the cobbler by Kirk.

I love picking wild berries and have written a couple pages on the ethics of it, what to look for and how to do it on Trailcooking. Take a look at them and get out there before the frost comes!

When the article goes to PDF I will post it on the website for everyone to enjoy! WTA is one of the best non profits out there – they are responsible for why we in Washington have so many nice trails to hike on – membership starts at $20 for students, $35 and up for everyone else – and all members receive the magazine as part of their sign up! In Washington you can also find the magazine at REI and a number of magazine racks.