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PCT Day In Cascade Locks

Saturday was PCT Day at Cascade Locks in Oregon, where the Bridge of the Gods resides. It is the divider between Oregon and Washington. Our good friends Tom and Tori paced themselves so they would be there for the celebration. Teresa (Dicentra), her daughter, Ford and our friend Jared and I headed down for the weekend. We made good time and by the time we hit Oregon the rain had dried up to at least semi clear skies.

The event was held in the park at the locks where thru hikers can camp, but this time out on the island in the Columbia River, where one could camp. Teresa and I both dropped off our donations the gear raffles of books. Then we pulled up some lawn under our buns and settled in for the day.

Teresa and Warner Springs Monty. I had not met him before and he is about the nicest guy around.


Ran into Basil, who I met last weekend while trail angeling. He had hitched a ride back from Washington to come down.

Jared, Ford and I went looking for some food mid day and headed up to town where what did our eyes spy? Hiker trash! Oh, wait, that would Tori and Tom. Heh!


So good to see them after so long!

We found hamburgers being grilled up outside of Johnny’s Ice Cream and Deli – they were of the scrumptious variety.The also sold curly fries that were an entire massive russet potato that is cut in front of you with a Dewalt drill powered auger. Oh yeah!

Jared attempting to eat a single patty cheeseburger:


Back down in the action Tom and Tori were having Henry fix their Rainbow, Henry Shire’s was using Ron Moak’s sewing machine in his rig:


Tom happy to have the tarp tent back in top shape:


Tori going through food, figuring out what was needed for restock:


Everyone else hung out and listened to a band and more. I decided to go check into our hotel and go swimming. Yeah, yeah, real hard camping I know. Hehheh! We stayed at the only place to stay in Cascade Locks, the Best Western there. It is on the river, has a great staff, is clean and modern, a nice pool/hot tub/deck and a good breakfast. We got the last room, a family suite that was massive on the river. Not everyone loves trains, I do though and you could faintly hear them puttering along the river – I like that. I would stay there again without an issue.

For dinner everyone met up at the PCT Pub. Deja Vu – I was there what last weekend? Tom ate 2 ruebens 😉 I had a very tasty all veggie pizza after the meat-fest for lunch….


Eating Dinner in the Pub:


Nancy “why Not” and Tori in the Pub.Nancy won a copy of my book at the raffle drawing. Neat!


I watched the kids in the evening so Teresa could go see a new PCT movie being shown. Ooh, that was easy. Teresa’s daugheter fell alseep within minutes, I curled up to a good novel and Ford was watching a stupid film about a dinosaur era mega shark and octopus that are melted out of polar ice caps and wreck havoc on the world. So bad it was funny. Sure hotel “camping” ain’t car camping but it can be a hoot.

Up early, we met T&T in the hotel (they stayed there as well) and chowed down breakfast….then we packed them up. Teresa and I gave them a ride to a remote trailhead in Washington. It was a cool moment indeed as we crossed the bridge up high and entered Washington. T&T had finished two states, with just Washington in front of them.

I knew where the trail head was so I navigated:


And off they went, leaving us:


They disappeared into the woods, heading for Indian Heaven Wilderness and on North. I will see them soon, on their next leg. It will be good to see them once again.