Update ON FBC UL Cozy

We knew from the get go that the FBC UL Cozy would be a limited run - the silnylon material used is no longer manufactured. I cut the final set of cozies this morning and am finishing the run up currently. (Three of us with our UL'ers in the near dark....) We have about 40 of the UL FBC … Continue reading

A Take On Swimsuits?

I came across the company Ahiida, which is making swimsuits for ladies of Muslim faith (and a number of other faiths as well if you read the testimonials!) Oddly, I like them - I see nothing oppressive about it. Not only do they allow freedom but they allow being active. They make ones that are … Continue reading

Two Lakes I Had Longed For

There were a set of subalpine lakes I had long wanted to visit. They are known as Deadwood Lakes, which feed Deadwood Creek, that one drives over on Hwy 410 going up to Chinook Pass. I had tried a couple of years ago and was turned back due to snow on the back side. I fell/slid on that trip and put … Continue reading

The 12th Essential?

Yesterday morning HD, Jared and I set off for a half day hike. There is a trail that isn't official that we wanted to rehike. All was going well until a couple miles from the trailhead on a very narrow and unmaintained Forest Service road HD's truck suddenly died. No warning at all - it simply … Continue reading