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Food Find: Flatbread Crackers


Out running errands I noticed these new crackers at the checkout and couldn’t resist getting a package to try out. They are Nabisco’s Wheat Thins Flatbread crackers in Tuscan Herb flavor. There were other flavors as well..

The package inside has a designed inner carton to keep the crackers from getting crushed and would fit into many cooking pots as well.

Taste wise? When I opened the package it was at first a very strong rosemary wave that hit me. I wasn’t quite sure at first but I can say they grow on you. The crackers are very firm and do not crumble easily. They work well with being topped with heavy ingredients, such as chicken or tuna salad – or even better, cheese spread. Or mashed avocado!

Definitely worth checking out if you love crispy, crunchy trail foods.


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