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On The Edge Of The Clearcuts – PCT Hiking

There sits an area that I love to hike, just South of where the long standing free for all clearcuts start on the PCT here in Washington. Our goal this morning was to hike in and kick back all day in a certain meadow waiting for thru’s to come by. And we did just that.

So we went down our “sekrit” jumble of logging roads till we found our entry onto the PCT. If clearcuts from 10 to 30 years ago have one thing, it is HUCKLEBERRY HEAVEN. The first 1/4 mile was nonstop bushes, literally dripping in berries. We are talking ones the size of nickles. And ripe. Juicy. Mama bear was growling loudly, telling Hoosierdaddy to buzz off while she gorged herself sick. Or something like that…..

In my hand is a large Huckleberry with ripe wild Blueberries next to it.


PS: All those green plants below me were loaded with berries. Sigh!


Hoosierdaddy ahead of me as we entered the forest, heading South, leaving the clearcuts:


And there is the meadow for whiling away a sunny-for-now day:


Looking through the trees to the cabin:


More meadow:


Well who did we see first? I was sitting on the cabin, kicking back when I hear “Sarbar!” and I look down to see Basil coming up. Too funny, I have run into 3 times, 3 weekends in a row. You have to laugh! Basil is a great guy to sit and chat with.


Disco came in not long after:


We fed the guys – we had packed in snacks, supplies and more. We were hoping to see Tom and Tori today, but most likely they wouldn’t be clearing the meadow till an hour or two later. Oh well, I will see them this weekend when we have a picnic planned 😉

The weather had slowly shifted during the day, clouding over and getting chillier. The hike out was nice though:


I waited for Hoosierdaddy as he went back – he had wanted to haul out a bag of garbage he had collected, but had left without it. So he doubled back and I took photos.


It isn’t seen easily but the orange fungus growing high on the tree was so vivid in the forest.


Ate more berries on the way out and said goodbye to the area for the season. Within a couple minutes the rain started spattering. It would seem the promised first bad storm was already brewing and coming in tonight in the Cascades. It should be a cold and miserable weekend for hikers.Fall is sliding in oh so quickly.