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Morning At The Pass

I drove up to Snoqualmie Pass this morning happy and sad at the same time – my mission was to pick up Tom and Tori from their thru hike on the PCT. Due to time constraints they would be stopping at the half way mark in Washington. The weather gave them a Washington welcome home as well – it has been howling in the Cascades since Friday evening. Nothing like cold and rain to say “Your Home!”

Last week it felt odd as I mailed the last package to them, to White Pass. My job was nearly done I realized. The weather says it also…that first storm at the end of summer, you can feel fall peeking around the corner. Not long and the colors will be bursting. On Friday some of the Huckleberry bushes were already turning flaming red. Sigh!

But today…as I drove up high the rain stopped for a couple mellow hours.

I saw one thru doing a restock and chatted him up to get any info on when he came in/who was behind him. It turned out it was Atlas and his hard core hiking staff of rebar….


He had been through Gov’t Meadows on Thursday, so we had missed him before.

Teresa “Dicentra” joined me to welcome them back and not long after we got there they came running down the crest, under the ski lifts to The Pancake House for that last hiker meal.

Meanwhile I saw Disco (who I met at Gov’t Meadows) come into town and went over to invite him to breakfast, where I then was introduced to The Skipper:


Went in to have that last lunch with T&T:


Met Trainwreck and (will fill in) and Disco is on the far right:


I helped everyone out with running miles on the two potential routes one could take for the now closed section of the PCT near Spectacle Lake. The fire is dying down, but the trees will be burning inside for some time. The FS’s word is it will be closed to at least early next summer or longer, depending on when it goes out and when the trees start falling.

It wouldn’t be right without seeing one person:

Basil 😉 Going to miss seeing his happy face!


It really started raining at that point so T&T got in the truck and we headed down the mountain. Off to see their home after over 4 months away 🙂 A worthy day for me! Now as soon as the snow melts up high this coming week I have a hot date with Huckleberry bushes up yonder 😉