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Pack Lite Foods: First Look

Have you heard of Pack Lite Foods?


You may well not have. They are not a big company nor do they have a lot of selections but what they do carry is well thought out. The meals are very compact (one thin bag and a dessication packet) and while one pot meals, are efficient for water and fuel use. The meals are all vegetarian, no added MSG, fillers or preservatives and as far as I can see no fake colorings or preservatives. The best part is they are very good in the sodium levels. Not one of the meals in front of me has over 499 mg for a huge serving. That is fantastic! Many are in the 350 mg range as well.

Ordering was easy and straight forward, shipping by UPS and was prompt.

Originally I had gone to pick up a bag of the Green Bean Cuisine after one of our readers mentioned loving it. I also picked up Wild Bill’s Wild Rice Dinner, Meals with Wheels, Mom’s Pasta Primavera, Potato-Corn Chowder and I found a packet of Pea-Pickin Jambalaya tucked in as well.

Reviews will be coming as we try them out on upcoming hikes this month!


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