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What Is In Your Dayhiking Food Bag?

Is it a rarity – the day hiker who carries the means to have a hot meal and a nice break during the day? Out here in the Pacific Northwest I would say no – I often see people stopping for a mug of hot tea, a cup of soup and a hot lunch. Maybe it is our many times chilly and damp weather or that the hikes are so scenic you want an excuse to sit and while away the day. (That would be me for all of the above!)

I was organizing my daypack while waiting for my lunch to cook yesterday and while tidying up my food bag I took stock of what I currently carry:


Everything fits into the Large size OR UL Ditty Sack (a simple silnylon sack). The sacks are great for being tough yet extremely light. Since I always keep my daypack on my back or within sight I don’t worry about my food versus animals. If I was leaving my pack behind I would grab one of my Ursacks…but safer to keep your pack with you!

Starting at the top:

Bag of herbal tea packets.

Stuff sack (with my GSI mug sitting on it – it was breezy!), bag of lentil couscous salad w/ a dressing packet, extra lighter in a bag, bag of hand wipes (keep that kitchen clean!), small bag of salt, pepper, hot sauce, red pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese and Mrs. Dash seasoning packets, bag of paper towels for cleanup, another bag with parchment paper sheets (why? clean work surface!).

Single serving meal from, pasta salad meal, small bag with 2 to 3 extra virgin olive oil packets.

Not shown: my long handled spoon is tucked in the bag normally and as well a used freezer bag for a garbage bag.

The meals change with the season but I try to check every Monday or Tuesday on whether or not I need to restock items. Getting into the habit means I always have something to eat with me that will fill me up and leave me ready for the hike back out.


PS: What do YOU carry? Do cook? (Or do you cook, but only in cold weather?) Or are you the “Stop at Subway on the way outta town” type of dayhiker?

3 thoughts on “What Is In Your Dayhiking Food Bag?

  1. I usually pack a lunch that looks a lot like the lunches I pack to go to work. Sandwich, fruit, raw veggies, candy bar or other easy dessert. Also trail mix and water. On a day hike, I’m going to be carring the day’s water anyway, so dehydrated stuff doesn’t save any weight and I don’t need things hot.

  2. I usually have some sweets in a hip pocket, along with a packet of Jolt Gum. I may also have a small packet of salted peanuts to. Usually also have a couple of sachets of crystal lite squash powders as well.
    Stove can be anything (depending on how I feel). A couple of packets of Java Juice along with powdered milk and sugar.
    Usually take something easy to do like 3 minute noodles, or maybe a pot noodle. Or odd times if I have a dehydrated meal spare may take that.
    Have also just taken sarnies as well.

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