A Take On Swimsuits?

I came across the company Ahiida, which is making swimsuits for ladies of Muslim faith (and a number of other faiths as well if you read the testimonials!) Oddly, I like them – I see nothing oppressive about it. Not only do they allow freedom but they allow being active. They make ones that are also with knee length pants and half length sleeves. Only bad thing is they based in Oz… not cheap shipping!

I then came across Simply Modest, an American company, making both suits and patterns to DIY that are very modern but modest (OK, I will admit I hate the word ‘modest’…but how else do you describe them?) These are cute, sporty and highly functional! Perfect for not getting burnt to a crisp or freezing in chilly weather. You know, I’d wear one of them willingly on the coastal strip in summer. I love being in the surf but neither do I want to be in a swimsuit (the Pacific is COLD! and windy!)

See, one could make a connection here to hiking and backpacking….I’d hike in one of them, jump in a cold alpine lake, get out and keep hiking.

Not bad in my eyes!