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Thinking of Fall

I was flipping through photos in iPhoto when I came across a set I took around this time of year, last year, up at Paradise. Right now the snow is swirling good this week. Snow levels have dropped to 4K and have been holding. Yet come end of the weekend it is supposed to dry out.

Which means – that nice cold weather will have finished the snap to late fall in the mountains. And that is in my highly opinionated opinion is when it is prime visiting season to Rainier.

I read that recently the Park Service got the parking lot paved where the old visitor center sat – meaning there is now a lot more parking as well.


I am thinking that if at all possible I need to go for a drive – to just see the reds. I love when the hillsides are on fire in October!


Looking back at the Tatoosh Range, where both St. Helens and Adams peek out as one climbs higher.


Yes, the trails are paved in the low meadows – for good reason. So many come to this area…but in October on a cold clear day it almost seems deserted by Rainier standards. And that is when wandering through the meadows is sublime.


Yours truly, patiently waiting for the snow to stop 😉