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Chocolate Energy Balls – no cook treat.

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Links to check out:

Eric Wilson, a reporter for the New York Times writes a 4 page trip report about coming out to the PNW and hiking The Wonderland Trail during our heat wave this summer. What could have been an amazing report is marred by his willful admittance that he dumped both toothpaste and unwanted food in an alpine privy.

THE second day was less dramatic. We dawdled in the morning. I spent awhile thinking of things I could jettison to lighten my pack. I squeezed half a tube of toothpaste into the john (actually a wooden box on top of a hill at Indian Bar that some say has the best view in the park), along with the contents, but not the wrappers, of a package of tuna jerky and some nondairy creamer, arguing that they were biodegradable.

A BIG FAT BOO TO YOU! Eric, do you realize you violated park policy?  This is why they have signs like these on many privies in the backcountry – in both the national parks and the national forest. Do you think it goes away magically? No, these privies are either solar powered or are airlifted out at the end of the season. Rangers have to take a stick and stir the privies and if people put stuff in that doesn’t belong it gets taken out and packed out! Food is no different than sleeping bags, tents and empty beer bottles. Food put in privies attracts animals as well, something no one wants. You have to tell me carrying that little bit of unwanted gear to the road at Box Canyon, where there are numerous garbage cans was just too hard?

I dub this trip report a big fat FAIL. BOOOOOOO!

(Sorry, I just happen to love Tahoma THAT much. When I look up on a sunny day, she is it that important to me. The rangers do an amazing job of taking care of the park!)