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New Gear: MSR Utensils

It is hard for me to resist new utensils – they are inexpensive in the big picture of gear and can update a “trail kitchen” setup quickly.


When I was up at Rainier this week I spied some of the new MSR tools, that came out this year. I hadn’t picked up any of them so I grabbed the spork (as that was what they had). The length of the utensils is what separates them from everyone else out there. 4 1/2″ folded and nearly 9″ long when open. The pros of the spork is the plastic used. It is easy to open the hinge, no sliding. Food won’t get trapped in it like other folding ones can. It is well designed and quite durable.They are not shiny though like the picture shows, think matte. Mae in Thailand as the outsourced items often are by MSR you can see good workmanship.

Handily, it color matches my MSR Flex 3 pot set (color matching is so important, no?). I picked up the spork in red and plan on getting the spoon in blue or gray at some point soon.

A question posed on our Facebook Page this morning when I posted a great link from Gear Chick Kristin about sporks is basically “can you even use sporks with bags”? Yes and no. In most cases I use a GSI Rehydrate long handled spoon when eating out of freezer bags. You can though use sporks if you think it out. Don’t use them to stir the food in the bag. You can always knead the bag. Don’t use them for liquid foods. For items like pasta, rice dishes and mashed potatoes? Sure, after they have ‘cooked’ and are solid. If you do puncture the bag at that point, no loss. But no, it won’t work for creamy chowder!

I like the MSR one and most likely it will become a serving utensil for when I make multi person meals. I have a feeling though that the spoon will be a worthy one once I find a copy.

Though at nearly $5 each they are not cheap. Makes the Rehydrate spoon at $2 to be a bargain 😉


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