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Rice Calas

Until recently I had never heard of Rice Calas. I came across a fabulous recipe in the Seattle Times this week, in one of my favorite food writers column, Nancy Leson’s All You Can Eat. The recipe is by Poppy Tooker – think creamy rice pudding deep fried. Talk about food of the gods for winter snow camping is all I have to say! A couple friends of ours love to carry pulks in winter and have done that, carrying vegetable oil and deep frying treats in camp. It is one of the few times one can indulge like that. You will sleep well after eating  treats like this 😉

So today I was doing some reading when I came across another version of Calas on Backpacker Magazine website- only this one is presented as a savory fritter. It is the same concept though. The method being mixing everything up (You don’t need a bowl for either version! A large gallon zip top storage bag would work well.), then dropping spoonfuls in hot oil till crispy. The Backpacker Magazine version does pan frying versus deep frying. Both recipes would work well with pan frying. If doing the sweet version I would not recommend olive oil, instead use plain vegetable or one of the plain veg oils like canola, corn, etc. Olive oil has its own taste that just doesn’t marry well with sweet usually.

But alas, no, I am not trying either recipe out no matter how good they sound. Unless I am hiking 15 miles in the driving snow that is 😉 If so…I think I’d take Poppy’s recipe. Rice pudding and a doughnut together? That would be heaven….