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Trail Cooking Photo To Check Out

I love seeing photos (hint to you all!) so getting emails with them always makes me smile. Especially on a weekend where we had high winds and East Coast style rain. The only good thing about that kind of weather is I had plenty of time on hand for book editing (and which yours truly spent many hours on these past 3 days).

Glen Van Peski sent me this shot of dinner on the trail in the Sierras from a recent trip:


As Glen mentions “Sarah – I went out with K. and a friend for 4 days in the Sierra last weekend.  K. is quite the backcountry chef.  But my favorite meal of the trip was the dinner he made that he said was based on a recipe you posted on BackpackingLight, a chicken/cranberry/walnut salad.  I had to suspend vegan eating for it, but man was it good!  I found myself wondering if freeze-dried tofu would taste the same (haven’t seen Vegannaise in packets, so would have to bend on that).  Anyway, just thought I would let you know.  Here’s a photo of my sleeping pad being pressed into duty as a cozy, for the burrito meal.

I think we need to get the folks at Vegannaise to get packets out. Now that is something I know our good friend Catzia would love to see on Minimus! (Cat is a vegan cooking goddess for the backcountry)
PS: As for those tasty chicken salads? I love them, they are quick and easy! We have 7 on TrailCooking, head over to check them out 🙂