Fall Heading Into Winter

Sigh…it happens every year – this year it has come fast. Fall already is slipping into winter quickly in the mountains. A year ago the weather patterns were different – it was dry but bone cold. Walking in the mountains was walking on bare frozen ground. This year it has been a pattern of cold/snow and then a tropical storm blowing by with tons of rain.

Glad I got my last couple hikes in, they were small presents to make the winter go by in a better mood. Hoping there will be a few more sunny weekends in 2009 but I never bet on it.

This falls weather at least gets me to do more recipe testing, getting inventory sewn on those rainy days and encourages me to help Kirk finish our house remodeling (which is getting closer to being done by the week. We now have gorgeous hardwood floors done!) and other things.

If I am slow at all in the next couple months posting, accept my apologies…fall and winter do that here. Till January on a crystal blue sky day when Rainier is visible for what seems forever…..and I find I must go there, to just be there.

Other updates? Kirk and I are planning an upcoming gear sale on the website – details coming soon. I have been working at doing more editing on the FBC book 2 – over 200 new recipes coming your way (someday!) 😉


PS: This time of year I often am cooking and baking at home, so if you want to see what I do when I don’t hike, head over.