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Recipe Re-Do: Asian Style Noodles

It is hard to resist the temptation of Recipe Re-Do’s 😉 This one comes from a certain magazine in the November 2009 issue that shall remain unnamed. There are two recipes in the section and the “dirtbag” version they slap the name “Pad Thai” on it. To say the least, that recipe has little to do with Pad Thai (fer shame!!!!) It is those years of working for a Thai and Asian Importer that made me a harpy snob on that…oops.

Anyhow, back to them noodles. Knowing this recipe called for an easy re-do I got to it. The original is for 3 people and I know many of our readers don’t plan dinner for 3, they want it for 1 and they want dinner fast. So a few tweaks later we have a hearty one person meal full of chicken, noodles and a dressing that you can adapt to how spicy you want. You also get more chicken in this version as well.

I did the recipe FBC style but also provide directions for using an insulated mug or using your pot as usual.

I cannot call it Pad Thai in good faith but we can say it is:

Spicy (or not) Asian Style Noodles is archived over on TrailCooking.

All the ingredients but the dressing packet:


Ready to eat:


Those little peanut packets can be begged at your local Golden Arches. They work perfectly for this kind of dish.


PS: Up next? We will tackle the other Pad Thai recipe. I think we can have fun with this one. It will be a one pot meal most likely, but oh the fun! And cough, it will have egg in it, which somehow they left out 😉