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Holiday Deals

Kirk and I have been paring down on what we will be carrying in the future in the store on Trail Cooking.We have big changes coming up in our family and are getting ready for them by simplifying the business.

And to start off the holidays we are having a sale! These are all limited number items – on some we only have 3 or 4 left in stock. All the items picked are sale priced – and do show the original price as well.

What is on sale? See below for direct links!

GSI Pot Sets: Soloist, Extreme Mess Kit and Backpackers Set. High quality for a good price.

Trail Designs Glacier Pot Caldera System and the GSI Glacier pot/mug.

White Box Solo Stove – very limited numbers left.

Trail Designs Vari-Vent Windscreens in 3 sizes.

HPS Esbit Stoves in a 2 fer deal.

Germ X Hand Towels – now 6 for a dollar (was 4 for a dollar).

GSI Piranha Foon – 1 left!

Light My Fire XM Spork – plenty of green, orange is dwindling.

GSI 20 ounce nesting bowls – these are the same as what come in the Dualist pot set.

GSI Kitchen tools – graters, whisks, spatulas and UL kitchen sets. Not many left.

Spice kits by GSI – pepper mills, single spicers and triple spicers. Limited numbers left.

Coconut Cream Powder – nearly gone. Being that winter is upon us here I do not drive into the city for our wholesaler.

We have three items in The Bargain Bin with rock bottom prices. These are all limited numbers in stock and deeply discounted. Want a great and frugal XMas gift for kids? Fozzils Soloist Sets for $5 each (was $12.50). And GSI Wok Setsfor a sweet $15 each! (Oops! All gone!)

As well: November 2nd, starts our US only shipping policy. I am very overwhelmed these days so is paring back what I am doing daily. We are hoping in late spring to bring back International Shipping once again.We will post notice when we do. For now it is just not possible for me to stand in line at the post office for these orders.

I am currently working on a massive run of FBC Cozies this fall. Once all are sewn I will be going on production hiatus until late spring of 2010. Every color is in stock, but once a color runs out, it is gone until production resumes. It isn’t what we want to do, but I am getting to where I cannot reach across the cutting table so easy these days! We have great stock on our cozies for now, though it will dwindle fast as winter passes into early spring.

Last but not least, on the UL FBC Cozies – we are dwindling fast on the limited run.

~Kirk and Sarah

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