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Apricot Cobbler Scramble

Inspired by a recipe in Lipsmackin’ Vegetarian Backpackin’ and having a bag of freeze dried apricots loitering around I decided to do a take off of a recipe inside.The type of fruit, how much of it and as well how much water – with a different concept of being done – they won’t look “done” but trust me, they are like candy at the end. You do need a good non stick pan and a stove you can simmer on. Without non stick it would fry on bad.

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The freeze dried apricots can be found at PackitGourmet. One bag is what the recipe calls for making it easy.

Apricots and water, ready to start cooking:


One thing about boiling freeze dried fruit is how great it smells!


Adding in the batter:


Nearly done:


The high sugar content keeps them soft, chewy and almost candy like when done: