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A Footnote In The History Of Ramen

As I was reading one of my new (1970’s era) books I kept seeing the same term used: Alimentary Paste.

I was totally stumped. What was that? And then I realized it was ramen noodles that the authoress referred to. It was back in the days when the gov’t did not allow them to be called noodles, as they did not contain egg.

How times have changed indeed – noodles with egg have become the minority!

PS: Also check out this page for a great cheat sheet on Asian noodles!


3 thoughts on “A Footnote In The History Of Ramen

  1. How bizarre! It’s so interesting how FAST our food cultures have changed. I know items from the ’70s are now being referred to as “vintage” in many circles (perish the thought!), but who knew, really?

    And that cheat sheet is sheer genius!

  2. It’s so funny to me that Ramen represents Asian noodle.
    But honestly speaking I eat many instant ramen when I’m on trail. It’s easy to cook and makes me warm.

    It’s so strange that FDA had such a regulation. Even at that time, noodles without egg were minor, I guess.

    Cheat sheet is really great. You can’t find similar page even in Japan. I suppose maybe not even in Chinese.

    I like your site very much. As yen is very strong against dollar lately. I’ll take advantage of it and buy something from your site!

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