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Source For Dried Egg Whites

In the past couple years finding dried eggs has become harder unless you buy them online. It used to be normal to find cans of egg whites sold in the baking/flour aisle but not so these days. While egg whites don’t work as great for making hot or cold nog drinks or for scrambles they do work great in baked or steamed bread items. (If you are looking for whole eggs check here!)

An easier to find option is Wilton’s Meringue Powder. What you want is to chase these little cans down – found in upscale grocery stores and in craft stores and or gourmet food stores (also look in the cake decorating areas).


Meringue powder you ask? Sure! It is pasteurized egg whites (with stabilizers such as corn starch). 2 tsp of the powder plus 2 Tbsp water equals one egg white and they work perfectly added into dry mixes (just add in the additional water with the liquids). The egg whites are pasteurized and sterile and more so are extremely shelf stable (no refrigeration needed). The company does recommend that you only use sterilized metal measuring vessels when in the container. You want to make sure that the metal spoon is dry and has no remnants of oil on it either. This ensures your container of eggs will last a long time (this applies to all pasteurized dried eggs as well!)


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