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Food Find: Shelf Stable Cheese

If you live in one of the 32 states with a Papa Murphy’s location be sure to take a look on your next visit for a great buy on shelf stable herby Parmesan cheese.


Fully shelf stable it does not require refrigeration and is pack friendly size – just tuck in and go. And cheap as well!

Just don’t grab the red pepper flakes on accident next to them…..


2 thoughts on “Food Find: Shelf Stable Cheese

  1. Is the stuff you normally find in the grocery store (you know, in the green can) shelf stable, and will it last a long time without refrigeration? I’d like to add it to the PCT meals I’m making-many off your great website!

  2. Yes, very similar. You can carry any of the ‘green can’ types. They work perfect in the pack – it is also a great thickener if you add too much water.
    BTW, I pick up the plastic containers at Safeway (4 ounces I think) and hand them out when doing trail magic. Cheese of any kind is always popular it seems 😉

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