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I saw this today on our local PNW hiking forum. If you live in Washington or want to hike here, take a look:

Hey guys, this past year I served as an AmeriCorps intern with the WA Department of Natural Resources in Ellensburg.  As part of my internship I assembled a hiking guide to day hikes in Kittitas County near Ellensburg.

There are two files.  A smaller 2 sided pamphlet that includes hike summaries and directions.  The larger expanded hiking guide includes pictures, full size maps, and more detailed descriptions of each hike.  Electronic versions of the hiking guide are available here: http://www.kittitasee.net/images/Expanded_hiking_guide.pdf and

I also gave paper copies to the Kittitas Branch of the Cascade Land Conservancy and to the Outdoor Pursuits Program Office at CWU.

This is a great resource and I really enjoy putting it together.  It covers short 1 hour hikes all the way up to the Enchantments and Yakima Skyline Trail.

I encourage others to use the guide and make its existence known.


I took live today the start of a permanent page here to our library that Kirk and I have. So far all our outdoor trail cookbooks are listed. You might even see some you have never heard of. It is always fun to track down obscure books. This promises to be a fun project for the winter…..


5 thoughts on “Various Items

  1. This would probably be extra useful as a collection on LibraryThing (http://librarything.com/).

    I bet a lot of the books are already listed there. I just checked “Dry It, You’ll Like It” and it was there.

    By the way, you should find a copy of “Wilderness Cookery” by Bradford Angier, if you are going back in time.

  2. I need to post the collection of books I am still looking for 🙂 Got quite a few on it! Just checked and I don’t have Bradford’s book so will add it!

  3. Thanks for link to the Ellensburg area hikes. I live in Yakima so that’s a great resource on “local” hikes!

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