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Looks like our list of trail cookbooks in our collection has been a popular one! What I hadn’t included on the page is the books we are looking for. I got a great tip from one of our readers on a book I had missed, so if you know of any older (and potentially obscure titles!) please let me know in the comments below.

Books that are hard to find are in italics with a * next to them. If you know of a copy…let me know!

This is slow process to build our library. I try to get deals on the old books so I tend to order as I find them. And of course, if you have any copies of the below books, shoot me an email about them.

In alphabetical order:

The Back-Country Kitchen: Camp Cooking for Canoeists, Hikers, and Anglers. Teresa Marrone.  Northern Trails Press, 1996
Backcountry Cooking Deck: 50 Recipes for Camp and Trail. Dorcas Miller. Mountaineers Books, 2008
Backcountry Cooking: Feasts for Hikers, Hoofers, and Floaters. Sierra Adare. Treasure Chest Books, 1996
Backpack Gourmet: Good Hot Grub You Can Make at Home, Dehydrate, and Pack for Quick, Easy, and Healthy Eating on the Trail. Linda Frederick Yaffe. Stackpole Books, 2002
*Backpacker’s Cookbook. Rita can Dyk. Hadeda. 1992*
Beyond Gorp: Favorite Foods from Outdoor Experts. Yvonne Prater, Ruth Mendenhall, and Kerry Smith. Mountaineers, 2005
Cooking Backyard to Backcountry. John Rittel and Lori Rittel. Riverbend Publishing. 2008. Earlier version with slightly different name.
Cooking in the Outdoors. Cliff Jacobson. Globe Pequot Press, 2000
Eating Hearty in the Wilderness With Absolutely No Clean Up: A Backpacker’s Guide to Good Food and “Leave No Trace Camping! Bern Kreissman. Bear Klaw Press, 1994
*Essential Backpacker’s Wild Food Cookbook. Johnny Jambalaya. 2004*
The Field & Stream Wilderness Cooking Handbook: How to Prepare, Cook, and Serve Backcountry Meals. J. Wayne Fears. The Lyons Press. 2001
*Food and cooking on the Long Trail. Walter Collins O’Kane. Green Mountain Club. 1933*
*The Great Outdoor Cookbook: Trail-Tested Recipes from Leading Backcountry Adventures. Tab Books. 1997*

The Hiker’s Guide to Preparing Home-Cooked Meals on the Trail. Steven A. Mroz. Trafford Publishing, 2004
NOLS Backcountry Nutrition. Mary Howley Ryan. Stackpole Books, 2008

NOLS Cookery: Field Edition, Claudia Pearson, Stackpole Books, 2010
On and Off the Road Cookbook. Carl Franz and Lorena Haven. W W Norton & Co Inc. 1982

*The Outward Bound Wilderness Cooking Handbook By J. Wayne Fears.*

Pacific Northwest Trail Cookbook by John Wolcott, Roberta Wolcott. Features Northwest, 1991.
The Practical Camp Cook. Fred Bouwman. Horizon Publishers & Distributors. 1998. Also a 2004 edition.

*Trail-Cooking Recipes from Marlboro Country. Philip Morris, 1974.*
Trail foods: Easy, healthy and delicious. Carolyn Gunn. Rodale  Press 1989.
**Trail Gourmet, Mensha Ridge Press ISBN-10: 0897325788**
*Travel Light, Eat Heavy: Along the Appalachian Trail and Other Mystical Routes. Bill McCartney.  Gray House Press, 2005.*
The Upscale Outdoor Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Campers, Backpackers and Short Order Cooks. Cari Taylor-Carlson. Serendipity Ink. 1992.
The Wilderness Chef: The Art and Craft of Lightweight Cooking. John Weber. IUniverse. 2001
The Wilderness Chef: The Art and Craft of One-Pan Lightweight Trail Cooking. John Weber. IUniverse. 2002
Wilderness Cooking: A Unique Illustrated Cookbook and Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts. Berndt Berglund. Scribner, 1973.


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  1. Hi I buy and sell items from auctions and got a copy of *Trail-Cooking Recipes from Marlboro Country. Philip Morris, 1974.*
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