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Pictures For A Cold December Day

At the tail end of a deep arctic freeze here it leaves me looking at this years photos – got to find something warm to do 😉 Just some random photos from hikes this year that left me smiling. It wasn’t the biggest year for hiking for me but that is OK, what I did get in was good.

The trail to Twin Falls on the Snoqualmie River, on a cold winter morning:


A windy mid-February walk with Kirk on Ebey’s Bluff, Whidbey Island:


A secret spot off of the Mt. Loop Highway, down a narrow and windy forest service road:


Bear Grass coming into bloom:


Summerland at Mt. Rainier NP:


Lilies in full bloom:


Walking along the green canopy of The Ohanapocesh River:


Subalpine tarn near Mt. Baker in a near white out:


Mt. Rainier and Tipsoo Lake:


Nooksack Falls:


Ipsuit Pass in the clouds:


A set of two lakes via an old fisherman’s path (a straight line up and down a pass, brutal to the knees), this was the upper lake:


Me above Summerland, Mt. Rainier NP:


Edith Basin, Mt. Rainier NP:


Buddy Jared attempting to eat a massive burger in Cascade Locks, Oregon while we were down for PCT Day.


Tom and Tori on their final section of their PCT thru-hike


A section treed trail of the PCT running through the clear cuts of Washington:


Me packing in treats for thru-hikers on the PCT:


Ford showing off on the Skokomish River:


Dicentra on the PCT:


Airplane Meadows (with Hoosierdaddy):


Tiny skull that Dicentra found on a section hike of the PCT we did:


The falling in shelter of Big Crow Basin on the PCT:


But most of all thanks to everyone who went with me this year. I finally got to visit that pair of lakes I mentioned above – they had gotten by me for a couple years and one day Jared said “lets go do it and have it done”. He was right, if I hadn’t it might have been a couple more years or never. Seeing those lakes were worth the scratched up legs from bashing through Huckleberry bushes and Slide Alder.

It will be awhile before I hike again – something I am OK with. I am not allowed to hike these days but my time will come soon enough.


I have a world of hiking to show the little one and he is due at the end of winter. Just in time for the low land trails to be melting and maybe, just maybe have Trillium’s blooming 🙂


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  1. Congratulations on your baby. It sounds like you’ve had some amazing adventures. I’m a West Coaster myself, so it’s fun to look at your pictures.

    Good luck.

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