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Odds and Ends

Various links to things to check out…some of these have been posted on our Twitter page and as well on our Facebook page.

New section in The Bargain Bin, 2 colors of FBC Cozies on clearance (one not seen before, it is a short run).

A look at sports drinks – on what works best with a few surprises.

NutraSalt – a lower sodium salt that comes in a number of great flavors. It is also high in potassium! Excellent for flavoring trail meals while doing your heart a favor….

Recipe for Cherry Almond Fruitcake. It is a flour-less cake, made with ground almonds. High fat/calorie and protein treat. Baste with a bunch of booze for a couple days/weeks and you would have a very shelf stable trail treat.

Gear Chick’s Gear Picks for the Holidays. Lots of ideas for last minutes gear gifts from our fave gear editor, Kristin!

Placed another order at Packit Gourmet this afternoon. Have a couple new meals coming: TexMex Breakfast Tacos, Roast Beef Wrap and Ginger’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Cakes. Best go find my Wilton Silly- Feet Silicone Baking Cups! Ooh, how quaint…maybe I need them in Santa Boot Silly Feet. Perfect for steaming up tasty trail treats on Christmas Eve, no?

OK, I am out!