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Commercial Meal Review: TexMex Breakfast

New to the market in recent weeks is PackitGourmet’s TexMex Breakfast Taco (or as I would call it…breakfast burritos!). We sampled the sausage version:


It contains in the bag the egg/meat/veggie mix, 2 packets of oil and 2 packets of salsa. There is 4 choices for the salsa from mild to hot and red or green. I chose to have the “tool kit” included, which is 2 sheets or parchment paper, hand wipes and salt and pepper packets (free). Not everyone likes the kit, I do as the parchment paper gives me a clean work surface. The meal is a BYOT (bring your own tortillas) style. I used high fiber/protein soft taco sized tortillas for our test (Mission brand Carb Balance)


The meal is easy to make – even for a novice this one is perfect. Simply add cold water to the outer bag and dump in the dry ingredients. seal the bag and shake till mixed. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes to rehydrate. A non stick pan is needed as is a stove with an adjustable flame. While it calls for a spatula if you pay attention you can use a spoon easily to scramble the eggs.

Once hydrated you heat the pan up over a medium flame, then add the oil. You can use either 1 or 2 of the packets of oil. While 2 is good to increase the fat for harder hikes, 1 tastes fine.


As I said, this is easy to make – just stir often, like making scrambled eggs. Once set pull off the heat.


While the directions call for heating up the tortillas you don’t have to – it still tastes fine. For ease in prep, if you do heat them use a frying pan lid to do that. While the recipe calls for a frying pan for the eggs don’t let that limit you – a 2 Liter pan works just as good – as long as it is nonstick for ease in cleanup. With nonstick you can wipe out any leftover eggs with a paper towel section. If you use untreated metal you will be soaking the pan!


Served up on a tortilla with half a packet of salsa on top. Wrap up and enjoy! The egg mix has a hint of heat…..and is hearty.


It makes 4 nicely sized burrito/tacos, so roughly 2 servings (especially with high fiber tortillas!)


PS: They do make a non meat version as well, minus the sausage!