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Sneak Peek At A New Cozy?

Over our monthly coffee meetings, Cat and I were talking shop (Cat runs our booth when we do trade and trail shows!).  My idea of a new version of the FBC Cozy came up and I threw my ideas out to her. She was “you need to get that idea down and see if it works”. So that brings the story up of how one cannot resist creating new gear…..

A couple weeks ago I had finished sewing a massive run of cozies and due to my low n’ large belly full of baby I had called a hiatus on sewing till Spring. For the first time in many years I actually had put my machine and tools away. Sitting in front of a commercial machine isn’t easy when you have a basketball sized entity in your lap 😉

But….needless to say I missed sewing. I like creating. Sure we have plenty of stock on hand of Quart and Pint cozies but already my mind was wandering on whether or not I could create a cozy that would substitute for the popular and sold out UL FBC Cozy (the material is no longer made sadly!). I have received a number of emails since we sold out more like pleading…if we would have another lighter version again. The goal on the prototypes was to have one that would fit either a quart or pint bag for the solo hiker and weigh in at no more than 1 ounce. Unlike the current quart cozies these are tight fitting to the bag.

And so I spent New Years Eve being a dork and sewing up a couple different versions. The fabrics you have to ignore….sewing in scraps is always fun!


I am planning on more heat tests tomorrow (hopefully) and if they perform how I want I will be fabric shopping and then go into production. Now how fast I sew is open to anyone’s guess…..I will post more soon.


The first round of testing the new cozy versus a traditional pint size cozy came out well. The temperature readings at 15 minutes were exactly the same. These results will be leading to use going into production soon!