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Anyone Using A Snowpeak Giga?

After a long and great run my long suffering ugly as can be Primus canister stove died (Kirk gave it to me back in early 2003 if I remember right). That little hot box went on so many trips and cooked 100’s of meals. But oh well, let us not shed tears….cause it just means I have an excuse to go gear shopping. WooWoo!

While I have a number of stoves I am looking for a comparable replacement – I used the Primus for certain purposes and need that in the new one.

It has to:

  • Burn hot and fast.
  • The ability to simmer.
  • Pot stability.
  • Be reasonably light.
  • Be simple.

From the bazillion stoves I have looked at so far the Snowpeak Giga seems to be the best choice for what I need. I really like the pot supports overall (they are better than the Primus had) and the stove does simmer.


The choice between Ti and the minimally heavier isn’t a big issue. I think I can handle carrying 3/4 of an ounce and saving $25 😉 So the GS-100 would be my choice. I have never been a fan of Piezoelectric lighters so I would be passing up on that option (this is an area that I appreciate – having the choice on whether or not to have it).

I am also considering picking up the matching windscreen:


Overall the price for what you get is good. I like the style.

Any thoughts? Feedback? I would like to hear from anyone who has used a Giga.


PS: Over the years my favorite fuel brand has always been Giga Power. Funny that!

12 thoughts on “Anyone Using A Snowpeak Giga?

  1. I have a Snowpeak Giga. For a canister stove it is excellent. I’ve never had any problems with it. I had bought the windscreen for it, but found that it is unnecessarily heavy for what little it does. The Snowpeak isn’t very affected by wind, so I never bring the windscreen (don’t buy it). If it does happen to be very windy, I just stand in front of it. That is all the windblock it needs.

    It has a decent simmer, but IMHO it could go lower. Turned on full blast it cranks out the heat. Pot stability is fine, but make sure it is set level to begin with. Here is a tip: Put the canister lid in the white case while cooking so you don’t lose it. The piezoelectric option is handy as well.

  2. I’m a novice camper/cooker and I’ve been using a Jetboil. I’ve been shopping around for a smaller camp stove and it seems like most of the reviews I’ve seen on REI (love that place) complain about stability. However I don’t know if those people realize that there are stabilizers for just about every stove/fuel canister out there.

    I hope you keep us updated on which stove you get.

  3. Gotta say, I love it. For a cannister stove, I think it’s the best option. I originally went down to my local gear shop thinking about buying the MSR “best selling” version, but after physically handling the MSR stove (it’s pot supports can be bent by hand!), and hearing the shop guys rave about the Giga, I went with the Giga (not the Ti, and no piezo — I like to keep it simple). No complaints, except that when I made your chicken dumpling stew, I have to really watch it so the stew doesn’t scorch on the bottom of the pan…. but, that is seriously something I think I could manage with a bit more practice 🙂 I think it’s a great little package — light, simple, and strong. And for less than $40, I think it’s a great deal, too! Go for it!

  4. Oh, and I do not have the windscreen, and haven’t really felt motivated to buy one either…. And stability hasn’t been an issue at all.

  5. Jerry,
    Stability is definitely an issue that many have issues with. I have found over the years that if I am using a 2L pot I use the big fuel canisters. If using a smaller pot then I use small canisters. That helps a lot!

  6. I looked at the Giga, but I ended up with the Snow Peak Litemax. I’ve been playing with it the last few days in my kitchen, and I steam baked some muffins, boiled a bunch of water, cooked eggs…..So far its been very good on fuel, the potstands grip the pots/pans very well. I love it. Just another option…..


  7. i’d get a litemax instead. i’ve used a giga for years:

    – piezo breaks after a while so can’t be relied on – and is dead weight after that.
    – the windshield is HEAVY as it’s not Ti. i’ve never really felt like i needed it – if you want one, i’d just take an aluminum foil windshield – BPL did a great article on the risks of canister over-heating with a windshield and it’s really minimal – so totally doable.
    – my friend Tim took a litemax on our rainier trip and it worked great with our small pots. i’d try it out with the bigger pots you use tho’.

    i moved on to an alcohol stove – but my menu isn’t as sophisticated as yours – so i have no need for simmer. boiling water is all i care about.

  8. We have three Giga’s in our family and love them.
    – I purchased two windscreens and found that they actually decrease the performance (by increasing the time to boil 600 ml of water by several minutes). The windscreen weighs 53 grams. I plan on returning them and building my own out of titanium foil.
    – We have found that any wind significantly increases boil time and resulting fuel use. It is worthwhile to set up some kind of wind blocker.
    – Stability has not been an issue with the 750 ml REI titanium pot/mug set.
    – BPL has done a series of articles on CO (carbon monoxide) emissions and have found the Giga among the lowest (thus safest). The Litemax produced significantly higher CO emissions.
    – We have the piezo ignition and have had no problems with it, although it takes some practice to get the stove to ignite with it quickly.
    – Overall it is a great stove!

  9. Love my Giga. I have the regular (not Ti), no piezo. Very stable, no problems with a two liter pan full of water.

    I have the windscreen, but find it ineffective (and a pain to line up the slots to put on).

  10. I love my Gigapower especially the ability to turn the flame down low to a simmer. The windscreen is heavy, but you can make a lighter one from aluminum flashing.

  11. I have a *snowpeak Giga (had to get it to match my *snowpeak titanium spork of course) I love it, it’s simple, easy to use, packs in it’s little plastic box with a mini bic right in there with it and has cooked some good meals.

    Skip buying the windscreen. If you later decide you need one, make one from an aluminum pie plate.

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