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More Fauxbaker – Pizza Muffins

I had been asked for more steamed muffin recipes so I have been working on new ones. First up is this very easy recipe for Pizza inspired muffins.

And before I forget, before everyone says “What are those muffin liners?” They are Wilton Silly- Feet Silicone Baking Cups , 4 Count. You can find them at craft stores, baking stores and places like Bed, Bath and Beyond usually. They are silicone liners that can handle heat.

The muffins just after being put into their bath, ready for steaming:


Nearly done “baking”:


Ready to be eaten!


For more on the concept of steam baking and Fauxbaking, check out The FauxBaker on TrailCooking.


5 thoughts on “More Fauxbaker – Pizza Muffins

  1. Cat,
    I was thinking that these muffins would make a great base for toppings. It would work. You remember those silicone muffin liners we found? The wide and low ones? I am going to try that next!

  2. Looks interesting. It would be great if you could use this recipe to demonstrate the faux baking process via a video.

    Enjoying your blog and videos!

  3. I made these tonight! I also added dried sweet pepper and chopped mushrooms thinking, “What do I like on pizza?” Next time I will add a bit of cheddar or pepperjack. I was so excited to see them puff up. First bite the texture seemed pretty weird for pizza, but I got over that. I thought about slicing it and pan frying it briefly to get some crispiness but decided I didn’t need to.

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