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Out For A Quick Dayhike On A Crisp Day

The weather report for today was apparently quite wrong. The prediction had been 90% rain or something like that and instead it was sunny, balmy and just too nice to not get outside. Kirk humored his slow wife by agreeing to do an easy loop out at Nolte State Park around Deep Lake. We left late after running errands and enjoyed the quiet late afternoon – enjoying more so that we had till 4:35 pm before dark 😉 Rainier was covered in a massive lenticular cloud today

I got cleared that I could do easy walking/hiking (no pack on) by my doctor so I am trying to enjoy what I can before I get any bigger (I am in my 7th month). The lake isn’t wilderness by any means but is pretty in winter and is host to many birds floating on the water. The woods smelled delicious and as a side bonus the lichens and moss were deep green today.


Sun filtering through on a January day:


Taking a break at the inlet stream. It had been so long since I had walked this trail and as we were coming up Ford said “Oh the bridge should be soon”. What bridge I thought? Ford rarely though forgets things about trails. Even 4 or 5 years later!


The fog/mist was just starting to appear on the lake as we rounded the backside.


The last 15 minutes of daylight before dusk 🙂


Me happy to be done. Glad to have hiked but I am definitely slowing down.


I hope to bring the little one back in a couple months, it would be a nice hike for the “first hikes”.